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  • Philosophy vs Politics

    I see this alot: My political views are… This post is about differentiating between political views and philosophical views. I argue these are very different. Philosophical views are ideas and points of view towards ideas. These ideas are propagated by sharing and persuasion. For a particular philosophical view to grow and spread, it must be […]

  • Why Race Matters

    Many commentators are discussing the amazing ability of a nation to swing from Jim Crow laws to a black president in one generation. While that is an amazing fact, and Obama should be proud, is that what really got Obama elected? Has our nation allowed our policies, economics, and personal life be dictated by the […]

  • Lesser of Two Evils

    I hope your “lesser of two evils” vote helps you sleep at night. I was discussing (who am I kidding, arguing) with my father regarding the effectiveness of the “lesser of two evils” vote. Our individual votes are infinitely irrelevant. However, as they collect, they become powerful. Unfortunately, we, as a society, have fallen into […]

  • Voting Day

    May the best man lose to the lesser of two evils. That reminds me of a Simpsons Episode (the video). Kang and Kodos impersonate Bill Clinton and Bob Dole. They are revealed the day before the elections at a debate. The crowd is afraid of voting for the aliens. Someone in the crowd shouts, “I’m […]

  • Poor Alabama

    Apparently, Charles Barkley is going to run for governor of Alabama. You can read about it on CNN. Good luck though. Charles is going to need to learn to speak coherently for me to no longer pity his interviewers. I had to stop half way through. No substance. No coherency. Bah. I feel bad for […]

  • AutoMakers Whine for Money

    Stephanie referred me to an article at CNN regarding automakers hoping to get some money because it turns out their core competencies aren’t making cars. Here are a few quotes I love: “Congress approved a $25 billion loan program to help the automakers finance a switch in production from larger vehicles, such as pickups and […]

  • Count Down to Disaster

    There are several steps needed to turn a country on itself, much like Germany did in the 1930s. Below is a few of the steps necessary: Disarm the citizenry – typically under the guise of safety Current United States Gun Laws Label a portion of the country’s citizens as enemies of the state – like […]

  • Who Voted for the Bailout

    Washington Watch provided a list of bailout supporters. Since I am an Arizona resident, it is my duty to provide you with some direct links of candidates running for Congress this November. Paul Davis – Joe Cobb – Mike Shoen – Its not a horse race. You’re not voting for the most […]

  • The Business Cycle Explained

    The Mises Institute has a great article explaining the hows and whys of the business cycle. The reader’s digest version is: The business cycle is due to the central banking system perversion of the cost of money Before the central bank, banks loaned and leveraged money at varied risks. These varied risks rarely lined up […]

  • Financial Bailout – Round 2

    After reading the deal sweeteners, I thought this photo appropriately displayed the feeling I had regarding the bail out. I especially like the details about wooden arrows. That is incredible!