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  • Phoenix Police Raid Blogger’s Home I reiterate my previous statement regarding police. Bad/corrupt/evil police officers make up only a small percentage of most police departments. Its the other cops that worry me because they not only don’t take action to stop this behavior, but often times actively cover it up under the pretense of brotherhood. Citizen Review Boards help […]

  • Count Down to Disaster

    There are several steps needed to turn a country on itself, much like Germany did in the 1930s. Below is a few of the steps necessary: Disarm the citizenry – typically under the guise of safety Current United States Gun Laws Label a portion of the country’s citizens as enemies of the state – like […]

  • Photo Ticket Cameras to Track Drivers Nationwide

    The has an article regarding traffic cameras being used to track drivers nationwide. I guess its time to roll back the clock to 1984 and then take out the battery. I for one, recommend we all start wearing helmets while we drive, so that the cameras can’t tell who is ramming the cameras. I […]

  • Excessive Force

    Apparently, illegally selling securities means that the FBI SWAT is needed to demolish your house using a HUMVEE and flashbang grenades. Don’t you feel safer? Couldn’t they have just knocked on the door? This guy wasn’t a killer drug dealer. He peddled a Ponzi scheme (who’s knocking on Social Security’s door?). What if they […]

  • Motley Crue and Drug Use has a great write-up on drug legalization. Vedran Vuk does a great job spelling out the current legal and nonlegal costs of doing drugs. He demonstrates that the legal costs of doing drugs is significantly, if not overwhelmingly, lower than the nonlegal costs of doing drugs. The illegalization of drugs introduces violence to the […]

  • Feasibility of a Privatized Police System

    We already have a private sector version of our local police department. Recall that the police have two main roles; crime investigation, and crime prevention (although its been demonstrated they can’t completely fulfill this role, and what they can costs an outrageous amount of tax dollars). We, the private sector, through the sheer existence of […]

  • Police use GPS to Track Citizens Unconstitutionally

    The Washington Post has an article exposing how police are illegally tracking “suspects” using GPS devices. To summarize the article. The police are too lazy, lack the evidence, or like to lead the charge to a police state (I vote all three) to obtain a warrant to use these devices. If they had enough evidence […]