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  • 13 Year Old Stoned to Death

    for being raped. The BBC has the article. The Islamic court demanded they girl was 23 and had committed adultery. Under Sheria law, a 23 year old adulterist must be stoned. Additionally, a 13 year old girl raped must not. But, if you fudge the numbers, no one is willing to contest because you have […]

  • Photo Ticket Cameras to Track Drivers Nationwide

    The has an article regarding traffic cameras being used to track drivers nationwide. I guess its time to roll back the clock to 1984 and then take out the battery. I for one, recommend we all start wearing helmets while we drive, so that the cameras can’t tell who is ramming the cameras. I […]

  • 1938 Gestapo Enters 2008 Local Police Forces

    I watched a three part series on the History Channel titled, “The Gestapo.” The most interesting part of the series was the first one which described the rise to power of the SS and Gestapo. I will provide a true comparison later, but the overwhelming theme was a trade of civil rights for security. Before […]

  • Sexual Harrassment in Egypt

    Read these stories and tell me this would happen if these women carried firearms. They all say it happens in crowds. Are there no women in these crowds? What do they do when they witness these atrocities?