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  • You Have Something to Hide

    With so much happening with the NSA right now, many people are commenting the commonly-misplaced, “I have nothing to hide” logical fallacy. Danah Boyd has some interesting comments regarding that argument. I thought I would add to it quite a bit. using Danah’s context, a tax return audit is so scary because the tax code […]

  • Why Campaign Contribution Caps are the Wrong Solution

    A recent Supreme Court ruling changed limits on campaign contributions for corporations. The media is all abuzz regarding this ruling, but are focusing on the wrong part of the issue. The media is focusing on who can contribute and how much can someone contribute? That is an easy answer. As much as they want. Here […]

  • Universal Health Care is Cheap

    Now that I got your attention – universal health care does have the ability to be aggregately cheap (sum of the parts). Thats because the parts are much fewer than in a self-paying system. Chew on that while watching this video – courtesy of Classically Liberal.

  • Great Post on Stop Signs As a libertarian, I am not against rules. I even enforce rules… on my property. I don’t let my son play with exposed electrical wires, that is against one of my rules. The above story makes a great statement. Now, I’m not saying that we don’t need rules in society. But the question of […]

  • Speechless for Iran

    I have remained speechless regarding Iran’s “election” lately because it still amazes me that this level of (lack of) liberty still prevails in large populations. I remain speechless, hopefully not for long.

  • 262,000,000

    That’s the approximate number of people killed by their own governments. I would consider government the least necessary of all evils.

  • The History of the Left

    This is a great summary of the original history of the Left. Its interesting how the government is always used to deny people of their rights and liberties, inherent in the definition of government.

  • who attracts commerce?

    Recently, Walmart opened a store in my home town, Maricopa, AZ. I was discussing the recent opening with my wife, more specifically, why it took so long for Walmart to open a store. She mentioned that *they* should have attracted Walmart sooner. Additionally, *they* should attract other stores like Target, Best Buy, etc. I asked […]

  • Government Lies – The Need for Seperation of Econ and State has a great article regarding the lies spread by our own government. It also references what sounds like two great reads.

  • Another Reason You Don’t Want the Government Tracking You Background: The state of Virginia collects prescription data to detect prescription abuse. Way to protect us, Virginia.