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  • A Collection of Public School Facts ( Real spending per pupil ranges from a low of nearly $12,000 in the Phoenix area schools We find that, in the areas studied, public schools are spending 93 percent more than the estimated median private school. Costs of public schools in relation to math and reading test scores. – a paper […]

  • I reserve the right to say I told you so

    prop 100 passed.  I reserve the right to say I told you so regarding: this sales tax increase will become permanent teachers will still be laid off our public schools won’t improve in the next three years in three years, the state of AZ will not be in a better financial position Voters of “Yes” […]

  • Firing a Tenured Teacher

    What a terrible idea; tenure. This is what we subscribe to teach our kids:,0,5765040,full.story We need vouchers and we need them now.

  • Colleges Suffer due to Poor Decisions

    Bloomberg has article discussing the situation surrounding many college campuses today. it goes into how colleges borrowed money to spend on things like new dorms, buildings, as well as rock walls, jacuzzis, and mini kitchenettes in all the dorms in order to attract students to their campuses. Well, with federal loans tougher to come by […]

  • Encouraging Public Employment

    CNN has an article discussing how to get your student loans forgiven by entering into the public sector. Do we really want to encourage kids to put a drain on our universities to enter into the public sector, the sector well known for producing the worst results recorded? I don’t think we need to waste […]

  • AZ Budget Cut Recommendations

    Arizona spends alot of money. We spend alot of money on education. Legislators are currently talking about cutting education spending to balance the budget. I strongly believe we need to always have a balanced budget. Here is how I recommend cutting educational spending. Eliminate School Districts Public Schools are organized like massive corporations. There are […]

  • More on ASU Budget Cuts

    Michael Crow has released another statement, whining about ASU’s financial crisis, like its the only one suffering right now. Below is his letter. My comments are sprinkled throughout. Based on some of the responses I’ve received recently regarding the state budget proposal, I wanted to forward a few key facts to counter the lingering inaccuracies […]

  • Boy Arrested for Flatulence

    Seriously. Here is the link. Why would you want to send your kids to school? Insane rules and piss poor performance… gee, where do we sign up?

  • Competition Among Public Schools

    You may or may not be familiar with Arizona’s Open Enrollment Law. It states that children may attend any public school their parents prefer, inside or outside their district. It was Janet “The Commie” Napolitano’s idea of the free market in the school system (She hates the idea of vouchers.  I.E. public schools having to […]

  • Day Care at High School?

    The Boston Herald has a story on the alleged pregnancy pact in Boston. The thing that bothers me the most is the day care center on site. Seriously? Boston tax dollars spent on day care for high schoolers? That scares me.