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  • Great Lecture – Legalize Consenting Capitalist Acts

    Walter Block gave an excellent lecture titled. Legalize Consenting Capitalist Acts. I found the mp3 link here. The direct mp3 link is here. I strongly recommend you give it a listen, either in your car, your home, or office. He addresses “social problems” and economic problems. Walter gives you plenty of arrows for your quiver […]

  • The Fall of the Empire

    The BBC has an article regarding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. While this article’s slant is ridiculous at best, it does paint a great picture of what happens when governments artificially create a market. The US government artificially created a market of lower (than commercial banks can offer) interest rate mortgages, artificially inflating the mortgage […]

  • Anti Trust – Taking Profitable Companies’ money and Giving it to Losing Companies since 1933

    The New York Times has an article describing the anti-trust lawsuit between Mastercard and American Express. Mastercard was found to be too successful on the order of $1.8 billion. Thats right. Mastercard was too good at what it was doing for its consumers, providing low rates to use its network to vendors like restaurants and […]

  • Florida to buy chunk of Everglades from sugar firm

    Reuters has an article discussing how the State of Florida is buying a portion of the Everglades from a private sugar cane company. To summarize, the people of Florida are being held at gun point to buy land from a local, long time business that they, themselves are unwilling to buy themselves. Don’t believe me? […]

  • US Supreme Court To Hear AT&T Access Fee Appeal

    InformationWeek has an article regarding AT&T’s anti-trust lawsuit.  The idea of anti-trust laws date back to Andrew Carnegie and his steel empire. However, just because they are old, does not make them any more realistic or better for consumers. From the article, “The U.S. Supreme Court has decided to hear an antitrust case involving AT&T […]

  • Book Review – The Revolution, A Manifesto

    The Revolution – A Manifesto, by Ron Paul was, bar far the best book I have read since I read Unintended Consequences. It outlines in detail the problems with our bloated, and unconstitutional, federal government. It describes how our foreign policy, monetary policy, and domestic policy are all intertwined and are easily analogous to a […]

  • FBI arrests 406 for mortgage fraud

    The BBC has an article regarding how the FBI has arrested 406 individuals with whom are suspected to have committed mortgage fraud. While I agree that lying to customers is wrong and should be punished at a civil, potentially criminal level, I disagree with the final quote of the article. “Mortgage fraud and related securities […]

  • US Attempts crack down on oil speculators

    The BBC News has a post regarding how Government Regulation will help keep oil prices down. It then goes on to describe how the US economy is “inextricably linked to the viability of its air transportation system.” That’s liberal speak for every US citizen needs (not wants) things delivered by air, including travelers and bananas.  […]