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  • Market Forces and Government Perversion

    With the demise of AIG, Lehman Brothers, etc etc,  I feel it is my duty to remind people of the market forces necessary in a free market and the impact of government, a.k.a. government market perversion. Profit All organizations participating in the market strive for profit. Either to distribute to share holders, employees, or owners, […]

  • AIG is Saved

    The BBC is reporting that the United States Federal Government will grant a loan to AIG to rescue it from bancruptcy. I am a recent customer of AIG (car insurance specifically). Personally I like it. Socially though, what a disgrace. Can someone please point to the sentence in the United States Constitution that says a […]

  • Fannie and Freddie, Sitting in a Tree

    Well, Uncle Sam removed the second most important part of the free market, loss. Let this be a perfect example of why government entities should not compete in the free market because their sheer participation perverts the free market into a limited market with limited market forces. So, here is the new business plan. Get […]

  • Why Do We Ask Government to Redistribute Our Money?

    I received an email from a family member today. Its text is below. Like a lot of folks in this state, I have a job. I  work, they pay me. I pay my taxes and the government distributes my taxes as it  sees fit. In order to get that paycheck, I am required to pass […]

  • The Relationship Between Sex and Rape has an interesting review of recent research regarding pornography and sex crimes, specifically rape. Its important to know the difference between condoning a consenting act and legalizing it. What if restrictive pornography laws are causing a dangerous increase in violent sex crimes like rape? Is legislating morality worth it?

  • Day Care at Work

    If you would like to read some whining about how day care should be like health insurance, every employer hands it out, you can read a New York Times analysis about the terrible life of Googlers. Yes, these liberal whiners want their employers to subsidize their child care too. Wouldn’t you rather have the $12,000 […]

  • Competition Among Public Schools

    You may or may not be familiar with Arizona’s Open Enrollment Law. It states that children may attend any public school their parents prefer, inside or outside their district. It was Janet “The Commie” Napolitano’s idea of the free market in the school system (She hates the idea of vouchers.  I.E. public schools having to […]

  • Socialism Causes Pulled Teeth

    The BBC has an article exposing the painful truth of socialized medicine in Britian’s dental industry. They showed that as dental care was socialized, dentists started to pull teeth instead of treat them with fillings, etc. That is the ugly truth of universal health care. By offering everyone the same care, the quality must drop […]

  • Venezuela Nationalizes Cement Industry

    The BBC has a brief article regarding Venezuela’s nationalization of its cement industry. I can’t wait to see the long term affects this has on both Venezuela’s economic and civil future as well as the global cement market. Is anyone keeping score on how aligned Venezuela is with 1930’s Nazi Germany? It blows my mind […]

  • Feasibility of a Privatized Police System

    We already have a private sector version of our local police department. Recall that the police have two main roles; crime investigation, and crime prevention (although its been demonstrated they can’t completely fulfill this role, and what they can costs an outrageous amount of tax dollars). We, the private sector, through the sheer existence of […]