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  • More on ASU Budget Cuts

    Michael Crow has released another statement, whining about ASU’s financial crisis, like its the only one suffering right now. Below is his letter. My comments are sprinkled throughout. Based on some of the responses I’ve received recently regarding the state budget proposal, I wanted to forward a few key facts to counter the lingering inaccuracies […]

  • The True Meaning of Corporate Citizenship

    Cato has a great article. Here is a great quote: Today, anti-corporatists want corporations to put some vague notion of altruism ahead of profit, innovation, and investment. That’s terribly shortsighted. Capitalism has proven to be the best way of creating wealth because it trusts that the collective wisdom millions of people voluntarily engaging in millions […]

  • Great Places to Give

    Because we require our government not to lend a helping hand because it is so awful at it, here are some good places to send some funds…

  • When the Automakers Fail

    There is plenty of news regarding the Big 3 (Ford, GM, Chrysler for those living under boulders) and their bailout. I keep hearing about how they are too big to fail. This is hogwash. Lets imagine what will happen. Let’s pretend that Ford, GM, and Chrysler all close their doors on the same day. Do […]

  • Whoopee Cushion Economics

    I finally came up with a term to describe the Bailouts, the Government Debt Spending, the Federal Reserve, and all other market distorting roles the government plays so well: Whoopee Cushion Economics. I’ve heard the reference the the economy being a house of cards. The problem is that for this particular house of cards, the […]

  • Handling Oil Supply Reductions: 1970s vs. 2000s

    Some of you may be old enough to recall the oil crisis of the 1970s, while others may need to ask their parents or read about it in a book or Wikipedia. Comparing the 1970s with the 2000s provides an excellent example of the different ways to decide who gets to buy what, in this […]

  • Great Story About How Stupid Sells – Fake Banking History of USA is running a great story about how stupid sells.  Thomas J. DiLorenzo writes about the (fake) banking history article recently run in the Wall Street Journal. Its a good read. I personally like you he offers you two options in the beginning of the article. If you look through the archives of this site, […]

  • Why I loathe Socialism

    If you can’t tell by my previous writings, I loathe socialism. All of it. The idea of being forced to share the wealth drives me nuts and keeps me up at night if my day was too easy. Until recently, all of my evidence was third party, research of others like Thomas Sowell or F. […]

  • The Business Cycle Explained

    The Mises Institute has a great article explaining the hows and whys of the business cycle. The reader’s digest version is: The business cycle is due to the central banking system perversion of the cost of money Before the central bank, banks loaned and leveraged money at varied risks. These varied risks rarely lined up […]

  • Open Source Accounting

    If you are unfamilar with Open Source Software, have a read here and then continue. Open source software is open to allow full unbridled auditing of software anytime, any place. If you are using a program, and are unsure of its true function, you can look at the source code and see. That is why […]