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  • 3 Step Process to Eliminate the National Debt

    With the national debt getting ready to break through the $15 trillion mark, its worth noting that we can *easily* eliminate this current debt with 3 easy steps. I should note that this does not address Congress’ ridiculous spending and the deficit, but at least we don’t have the national debt. Eliminate the Federal Reserve […]

  • The Payday Loan Industry

    The payday loan industry serves a specific market. People with bad credit need a place to borrow money to cover emergencies. In order to provide this service, high interest rates are needed to cover the defaults (remember, these are people with bad credit). Remember, high interest rates do two things. The first is deter people […]

  • Government Protections and the Pony Express

    A major part of the socialist platform is to protect industries that may not be feasible without government protections. Hell, one of the over 2000 federal government programs is to compensate milk producers for “lost” profits. Farmers get subsidies to “protect” their industry. GM received a very large check and transferred major chunk of ownership […]

  • who attracts commerce?

    Recently, Walmart opened a store in my home town, Maricopa, AZ. I was discussing the recent opening with my wife, more specifically, why it took so long for Walmart to open a store. She mentioned that *they* should have attracted Walmart sooner. Additionally, *they* should attract other stores like Target, Best Buy, etc. I asked […]

  • Government Lies – The Need for Seperation of Econ and State has a great article regarding the lies spread by our own government. It also references what sounds like two great reads.

  • Nice Introduction to Isabella Paterson

    The American Conservative has a nice introduction to Isabella Paterson, Ayn Rand’s source of history, economics, and government. I like the idea of “Separation of Economics and State“

  • Colleges Suffer due to Poor Decisions

    Bloomberg has article discussing the situation surrounding many college campuses today. it goes into how colleges borrowed money to spend on things like new dorms, buildings, as well as rock walls, jacuzzis, and mini kitchenettes in all the dorms in order to attract students to their campuses. Well, with federal loans tougher to come by […]

  • Economics Debunked: Price Gouging

    This is the first of a series of articles to debunk common misconceptions regarding economics. This article is regarding price gouging. It was triggered by this Ars article. The article complains that a cable company is changing the way it wants to sell its products, cable-based internet in this instance. Previously, people could subscribe to […]

  • Stimulus Package Analogy

    I received this in an email today. I don’t usually forward things, but I thought this did a good job teaching what seems to me an obvious point. Shortly after class, an economics student approached his economics professor and said, “I don’t understand this stimulus bill. Can you explain it to me?”  The professor replied, […]

  • AZ Budget Cut Recommendations

    Arizona spends alot of money. We spend alot of money on education. Legislators are currently talking about cutting education spending to balance the budget. I strongly believe we need to always have a balanced budget. Here is how I recommend cutting educational spending. Eliminate School Districts Public Schools are organized like massive corporations. There are […]