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  • Football Analogy to Our Criminal Justice System

    With the Superbowl fresh in our minds, I want to provide an analogy to our criminal justice system. What the referees see is what they call. What actually happened is irrelevant.  The only thing that matters is what the referees call. They are human and its the only way to mitigate the imperfection they suffer. […]

  • 13 Year Old Stoned to Death

    for being raped. The BBC has the article. The Islamic court demanded they girl was 23 and had committed adultery. Under Sheria law, a 23 year old adulterist must be stoned. Additionally, a 13 year old girl raped must not. But, if you fudge the numbers, no one is willing to contest because you have […]

  • Why I Don’t Believe in the Death Penalty

    There is one reason why I don’t believe in the death penalty. The system is not perfect, which means there must always be a way of nullifying the errors. There is no way to nullify murder (by the state or otherwise). It can’t be undone. Here is a shining example of my reason. Once […]