Author: Eric Cope

  • Black Lives Matter – Agenda

    This is my suggestions for change with the latest events. They are in no particular order: End the drug war. incarcerating non-violent drug offenders takes young fathers from their families and perpetuates the poverty cycle. It also removes male role models from the home. Demand your local city use body cams. They quickly disprove false […]

  • You Have Something to Hide

    With so much happening with the NSA right now, many people are commenting the commonly-misplaced, “I have nothing to hide” logical fallacy. Danah Boyd has some interesting comments regarding that argument. I thought I would add to it quite a bit. using Danah’s context, a tax return audit is so scary because the tax code […]

  • Illegal Immigration

    In recent news, some senators are proposing some immigration reforms, which may include some form of amnesty for current illegal immigrants. This post is partially a response to some commentary I’ve read so therefore it is a two part series. The first part will paint the picture of an illegal immigrant’s life choices and put […]

  • Philosophy vs Politics

    I see this alot: My political views are… This post is about differentiating between political views and philosophical views. I argue these are very different. Philosophical views are ideas and points of view towards ideas. These ideas are propagated by sharing and persuasion. For a particular philosophical view to grow and spread, it must be […]

  • Ron Paul 2012 Rear Window Decal

    I’ve (re)produced the Ron Paul Revolution design in Adobe Illustrator for large format printing, specifically for large car rear window stickers. The design looks like this. I smoothed out the Love portion to make it easier to reproduce in vinyl. You can download the ai file here.

  • 3 Step Process to Eliminate the National Debt

    With the national debt getting ready to break through the $15 trillion mark, its worth noting that we can *easily* eliminate this current debt with 3 easy steps. I should note that this does not address Congress’ ridiculous spending and the deficit, but at least we don’t have the national debt. Eliminate the Federal Reserve […]

  • A Collection of Public School Facts ( Real spending per pupil ranges from a low of nearly $12,000 in the Phoenix area schools We find that, in the areas studied, public schools are spending 93 percent more than the estimated median private school. Costs of public schools in relation to math and reading test scores. – a paper […]

  • I reserve the right to say I told you so

    prop 100 passed.  I reserve the right to say I told you so regarding: this sales tax increase will become permanent teachers will still be laid off our public schools won’t improve in the next three years in three years, the state of AZ will not be in a better financial position Voters of “Yes” […]

  • 2010 Maricopa Elections Summary

    I’ve tracked down as many links as possible for the May 2010 Maricopa, AZ election. Maricopa Publicity Pamphlet Campaign Finance Reports – This is who supported who. It is very insightful to see which Pinal County Supervisors supported. City Council Member Campaign Links: Peg Chapados – Edward Farrell (incumbent) – Julia Romero Gusse […]

  • The Payday Loan Industry

    The payday loan industry serves a specific market. People with bad credit need a place to borrow money to cover emergencies. In order to provide this service, high interest rates are needed to cover the defaults (remember, these are people with bad credit). Remember, high interest rates do two things. The first is deter people […]