Black Lives Matter – Agenda

This is my suggestions for change with the latest events. They are in no particular order:

  1. End the drug war. incarcerating non-violent drug offenders takes young fathers from their families and perpetuates the poverty cycle. It also removes male role models from the home.
  2. Demand your local city use body cams. They quickly disprove false excessive force allegations, allowing investigators to focus on real ones.
  3. Demand your local police have a Citizen Review Board. No longer can police departments police themselves.
  4. Demand increased funding for public defenders. Poor people are easy targets of the system regardless of innocence. The Plea Bargain system bastardizes these people’s chance of justice and destroys families.
  5. Demand increased pre-job training for police including de-escalation techniques.
  6. STOP militarizing the police immediately. There is a distinct important difference between Police and Military. Don’t let Military police our citizens and don’t let Police pretend to be Military.
  7. eliminate qualified immunity. Police and Prosecutors should be held to a higher standard given the tools and consequences of their actions. Its original intent was immediately bastardized. If nothing else, they should be put on trial and let a jury make the decision.

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