Ron Paul at ASU

Ron Paul was at ASU last weekend for Campaign for Liberty’s annual convention. I took Friday afternoon off to see Ron. It was an amazing couple of hours. It was great to see about 2000 people show up to listen about liberty. It was truly inspiring. Here is a list of individuals that spoke:

  • Jessica Bolito – ASU College Republicans, President
  • Tyler Mills – ASU Young Americans for Liberty, President
  • Jeff Greenspan – Arizona Campaign for Liberty, State Coordinator
  • Adam Kokesh – Grassroots Activist and Republican Candidate for Congress from New Mexico
  • Professor Stephen Happel – Professor of Economics, ASU
  • Jordan Paige – Music
  • Barry Goldwater Jr.
  • Ron Paul

It was great to see that Ron still had tons of energy during his speech. Ron was also signing books. Quote of the day was:

You are entitled to your own opinion. However, you are not entitled to your own facts

– Stephen Happel

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