CCW Holders can Carry in AZ

Arizona’s governor had a moment of brilliance by signing a bill allowing individuals with Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permit to carry handguns into restaurants that serve alcohol, assuming they are not consuming themselves. This is an excellent plan. Allowing law-abiding individuals to protect themselves is the only logical choice for any citizen. Opponents argued that gun toting individuals will endanger public safety. Its completely baseless. Its a poorly known fact that no CCW permit holder has ever been convicted of a felony, ever. What does that mean? It means that law abiding citizens are exactly that. Guns don’t turn John Q. Citizen into crazy murderers and rapists. Guns turn John Q. Citizen into a self (and others directly around him or her) defender. It provides protection to our communities, protection that police could never provide. Kudos Governor Brewer.

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