Movie Review – Rendition

I recently watched Rendition (2007 – directed by Gavin Hood).  Its about a chemical engineer kidnapped by the US government, more specifically the CIA, and taken to a country in North Africa whose rules on torture are more lenient that what our Constitution allows. I thought the acting all in all was great. Jake Gyllenhaal was not as convincing as Omar Metwally, but well worth the money to see it. The movie was well directed, it weaved several stories together very well.

I was dissappointed to see how little the movie demonstrated how often US government officials use extraordinary rendition to get around our rules and regulations. Wikipedia has a nice summary of known information. But remember, those are secret missions. They are secret for a reason. We will never know. I like how the movie exposed the stupidity of the arguments for it and showed its true value, adding more enemies.

A movie well worth seeing. A new favorite, along with “V for Vendetta”

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