Count Down to Disaster

There are several steps needed to turn a country on itself, much like Germany did in the 1930s. Below is a few of the steps necessary:

  1. Disarm the citizenry – typically under the guise of safety
    Current United States Gun Laws
  2. Label a portion of the country’s citizens as enemies of the state – like the Jews were labeled in Nazi Germany.
  3. Enjoy Hostile take over in the name of security and government sponsored prosperity

Well, we are now on our way to #2. “Maryland Police Label Protesters as Terrorists.”

I have spoken at length with certain friends about how this country would unite to eliminate “terrorists” within our own country. How, with the proper marketing, we could use our military forces on ourselves, something that spits in the face of freedom and what this country is built upon. Its scary how close we are to this…


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