Coke in the Water Fountains

Depending on your age/memory, you may recall elementary school student government races. The candidates would all claim to increase recess time, put soda in the water fountains, and to eliminate tests. All ridiculous, right? Wasn’t it always a popularity contest? It was never based on facts or true policies. It was who would lie the best? Who would avoid the true questions the best?

That is all I can think about as I read more and more of Sarah Palin. Its more about popularity than policy. That scares me. This isn’t student government. We are electing to have these people run our country. These people control our taxes (IRS), our schools (DOE), our medicine (FDA), our communications (FCC), our borders (DHS), our money (The Fed), the list goes on and on. We are electing people on popularity to control our lives. That scares the hell out of me. Do we really want to elect people based on the same principles we used as 11 year olds?

Its time to stop voting on the lesser of two evils and vote for who is the best candidate. There are more than two people running here. And the best candidate is neither Obama or McCain.

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