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Great Story About How Stupid Sells – Fake Banking History of USA

October 30th, 2008 is running a great story about how stupid sells.  Thomas J. DiLorenzo writes about the (fake) banking history article recently run in the Wall Street Journal. Its a good read. I personally like you he offers you two options in the beginning of the article. If you look through the archives of this site, you should find an entry outlining the first option, the one not discussed in the article.

Poor Alabama

October 30th, 2008

Apparently, Charles Barkley is going to run for governor of Alabama. You can read about it on CNN. Good luck though. Charles is going to need to learn to speak coherently for me to no longer pity his interviewers. I had to stop half way through. No substance. No coherency. Bah. I feel bad for Alabama. I’m glad its not Arizona.

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Corporate Tax Video

October 28th, 2008

I found this video over at I usually don’t repost what Radley does, but it was too good not to.

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AutoMakers Whine for Money

October 27th, 2008

Stephanie referred me to an article at CNN regarding automakers hoping to get some money because it turns out their core competencies aren’t making cars. Here are a few quotes I love:

  • “Congress approved a $25 billion loan program to help the automakers finance a switch in production from larger vehicles, such as pickups and full-size SUVs, to more fuel efficient vehicles.”
    This means invest in shortsighted business plans, the government will finance changes later.
  • “We have said publicly that we believe the federal government should consider all of the tools available to it – some recently enacted – to support industries that are in distress and that are essential to the U.S. economy.”
    There is nothing GM, Ford, and Chrysler can do for this economy, no matter how distressed, that Toyota, Honda, and Nissan can’t do. Remember, most Toyotas and Hondas roll off American manufacturing lines.

Taxing the masses to save the few is a terrible business plan unless you are the few. People buy American cars because they are cheap, not because they are good. That is reflected in the pricing policies of American manufacturers. If they can’t maintain a business with $25 billion donated to them, they need to have their heads examined. I hope they all fail!

Why I loathe Socialism

October 27th, 2008

If you can’t tell by my previous writings, I loathe socialism. All of it. The idea of being forced to share the wealth drives me nuts and keeps me up at night if my day was too easy. Until recently, all of my evidence was third party, research of others like Thomas Sowell or F. A. Hayek. But now, I have my own evidence!

My father lost his job as CFO for a title company in Texas. He quickly obtained unemployment. Socialist, right? What has happened? Our government has decided to make being unemployed a little nicer, a little more tolerable. Isn’t that nice? Well now, my dad is turning down jobs because he does not want to lose his unemployment. That’s right. He could be contributing to society by pursuing both permanent and temporary (which may lead to permanent) jobs, but instead he is only looking at permanent jobs, even though temporary jobs may pay more than unemployment. So here we have a system stifling productivity in the name of sympathy. Don’t get me wrong. My dad is making the right choice from his perspective. He knows how much money he can make from unemployment and knows how much he can make from these temporary jobs. He will let his pride and wallet stop him from accepting a job when it is pays less, as a whole, than unemployment.

In line with this steaming pile, I had a conversation with my mom regarding what I would do if I lost my job tomorrow. I told her I would immediately get a job, Starbucks, Home Depot, a local restaurant, anything to get income while I find a job that uses all of my skills (I currently design microprocessors for pace makers and implantable defibrillators). She asked, won’t that pay less than unemployment? I never thought of that. I immediately thought to be a productive person in society, not leech off of it. She said, you pay unemployment taxes, so you deserve it. That is more of a reason to eliminate unemployment taxes, than to leech, isn’t it?

The true test of your ideals is when it hits home. I know what I would do in this case, but what about you?

Count Down to Disaster

October 8th, 2008

There are several steps needed to turn a country on itself, much like Germany did in the 1930s. Below is a few of the steps necessary:

  1. Disarm the citizenry – typically under the guise of safety
    Current United States Gun Laws
  2. Label a portion of the country’s citizens as enemies of the state – like the Jews were labeled in Nazi Germany.
  3. Enjoy Hostile take over in the name of security and government sponsored prosperity

Well, we are now on our way to #2. “Maryland Police Label Protesters as Terrorists.”

I have spoken at length with certain friends about how this country would unite to eliminate “terrorists” within our own country. How, with the proper marketing, we could use our military forces on ourselves, something that spits in the face of freedom and what this country is built upon. Its scary how close we are to this…

Who Voted for the Bailout

October 6th, 2008

Washington Watch provided a list of bailout supporters. Since I am an Arizona resident, it is my duty to provide you with some direct links of candidates running for Congress this November.

Its not a horse race. You’re not voting for the most likely to win. You’re voting to put someone in place to reduce your taxes, reduce your tax spending, get the federal government out of our affairs!

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The Business Cycle Explained

October 2nd, 2008

The Mises Institute has a great article explaining the hows and whys of the business cycle. The reader’s digest version is:

  • The business cycle is due to the central banking system perversion of the cost of money
  • Before the central bank, banks loaned and leveraged money at varied risks. These varied risks rarely lined up with other banks. As time progressed, banks would rise and fall asynchronously.
  • The creation of the central bank synchronized the rise and fall of banks causing these massive artificial periods of growth. Once these growths reach an unmanageable amount, there must be a recession to eliminate poor business decisions.
  • Governments reap the political benefits of growth, not recessions. So, they avoid recessions as much as possible. They use the central banks to avoid the inevitable.
  • The problem is that the longer you avoid the recession, the worse it will be. Flash back to the 1930s.
  • We require the government to do something it is designed entirely to avoid – touching the market. That is why we must not allow it to touch the market, even temporarily, because they only make things worse.

Its time we pull our collective heads out of our collective asses and remember what this country was built upon; hard work, not handouts or bailouts.

Financial Bailout – Round 2

October 2nd, 2008

After reading the deal sweeteners, I thought this photo appropriately displayed the feeling I had regarding the bail out.

I especially like the details about wooden arrows. That is incredible!

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Coke in the Water Fountains

October 1st, 2008

Depending on your age/memory, you may recall elementary school student government races. The candidates would all claim to increase recess time, put soda in the water fountains, and to eliminate tests. All ridiculous, right? Wasn’t it always a popularity contest? It was never based on facts or true policies. It was who would lie the best? Who would avoid the true questions the best?

That is all I can think about as I read more and more of Sarah Palin. Its more about popularity than policy. That scares me. This isn’t student government. We are electing to have these people run our country. These people control our taxes (IRS), our schools (DOE), our medicine (FDA), our communications (FCC), our borders (DHS), our money (The Fed), the list goes on and on. We are electing people on popularity to control our lives. That scares the hell out of me. Do we really want to elect people based on the same principles we used as 11 year olds?

Its time to stop voting on the lesser of two evils and vote for who is the best candidate. There are more than two people running here. And the best candidate is neither Obama or McCain.

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