Fannie and Freddie, Sitting in a Tree

Well, Uncle Sam removed the second most important part of the free market, loss. Let this be a perfect example of why government entities should not compete in the free market because their sheer participation perverts the free market into a limited market with limited market forces. So, here is the new business plan.

  • Get big
  • make dumb decisions
  • sell to government in the name of public safety
  • jet off to Bahamas for nice retirement.

get your bags packed! In the name of our future retirement, I wrote a new/improved nursery rhyme…

Fannie and Freddie sitting in a tree,
k-i-l-ling our economy.
First comes a loan,
then a fore-closure,
then comes Uncle Sam with a bail out clause

the last line doesn’t rhyme, but whatever.


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