Wells Fargo Corporate Spam Encourages Universal Health Care

I got an email from Wells Fargo Small Business with the first bullet, Reforming Health Care Reform. It was all it could be. Socialist whining, over and over. It is a 10-point policy by the National Federation of Independent Business.  The first bullet is Universal healthcare. I am not sure if the National Federation of Independent Business has insurance providers as members, but may be they should research the true meaing of insurance. Insurance is the business of transferring risk from many individuals to one individuals. That transfer has a fee, the policy premium. Those premiums are invested by the insurer, allowing the insurer to pay out to the insuree in the event the risk actually happens. That means there is a statistical weight attached to each risk, dictating the cost (premium) of that risk.  That’s why car insurance premiums go up if you cause a collision (there are no such things as accidents). The chance of you causing another accident is far higher if you have caused an accident in the past.

However, in the case of health insurance, who should accept the risk of everyone’s health? If the cost to insure someone is too high due to health problems (caused by that individual no less), why should they provide insurance at a loss to them? If a business won’t accept that transaction, why should our government accept that terrible business plan?

Lastly, if you want national health care, why don’t take a walk down to the local VA hospital, the nations foremost provider of national healthcare? VA hospitals are notoriously understaffed, underfunded, and underperforming compared to its private counter-parts. If you can find me someone who prefers the VA hospital over a private hospital, I will buy you a coffee!

Don’t let good intentions cloud your judgement. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. How often are policies made with the outcomes weighed, not intentions?


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