Safety Regulations for Pedicabs

AZ Central has an article regarding new safety regulations approved to regulate the pedicab business, predominately found in down town Phoenix, typically around sporting events, concerts, and fairs. That’s right. Our local government has solved all other problems, that they need to regulate pedicabs. As it turns out, we as a society are too foolish to recognize when bad circumstance when we see it. For instance, when that pedicab has a broken wheel, we are too dumb to not get in. Or we are too dumb on how to agree on a price before we transact business. I feel alot better now. At the end of the article, it mentions that pedicab drivers will need to pass a background check. What type of life are you leading that you can pass a background check and choose to drive a pedicab? How many people are kidnapped via pedicab? When they stop going towards your destination, or start villianously laughing, hit him over the head with your shoe! I like the comments after the article.

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  1. nope. I need to be told what i should and shouldnt do.

    Have you seen that king of the hill where the city places such strict food bans in place that bill is convinced the government is telling him that the approved foods are healthy. He gains 400 lbs and claims “But the government says its healthy”.

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