Gun Control to go before US Supreme Court

The BBC has an article regarding the gun control case to be presented to the US Supreme Court. The case is focused on a DC security agent that wants to carry a gun at home, with his argument that if its ok to carry at work, why not at home? The pro gun-control advocates (read crazies) think there is no reason to carry a gun in urban DC. The pro gun-rights advocates (read libertarians) know not only the true point of the 2nd amendment, but also the inverse relationship between gun rights and violent crimes.

The 2nd amendment exists only to prevent a repressive regime from using deadly force against its populace. If the population is equally armed as the Armed forces, then there is a 10:1 ratio between the general population and the repressive regime’s army.

Additionally, as gun rights are allowed (that sounds so ignorant), John Lott has shown us that violent crimes go down. Who (robs|murders|rapes) a person carrying a Beretta on their hip? Who enters a building to mass murder when the entire building is packing heat? That mass murder gets nowhere fast.


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