US Supreme Court To Hear AT&T Access Fee Appeal

InformationWeek has an article regarding AT&T’s anti-trust lawsuit.  The idea of anti-trust laws date back to Andrew Carnegie and his steel empire. However, just because they are old, does not make them any more realistic or better for consumers. From the article,

“The U.S. Supreme Court has decided to hear an antitrust case involving AT&T and Internet service providers, which are protesting that AT&T’s access fees are too high.”

Too high? Your employer is suing you because it thinks your wage is too high. That is ridiculous. If AT&T wants to charge “high” fees for others to use their equipment, then so be it. If it is too high and you think you have a sound business plan, obtain a loan and build your own hardware. Charge lower rates than AT&T and gain all of their customers. Thats how the free market works. If AT&T’s prices get too high, customers will switch to cable-based phones and internet, or satellite, or none. The internet and phone service are not required to survive, although they make survival fun. The entire idea of anti-trust laws are ridiculous. IF you can’t hack it in the business, get out. We operate in a Profit and Loss system. If you can’t take the loss, get out.

Lets recall the entire purpose of the US Supreme Court is to decide if laws or behavoirs are unconstitutional. If you can show me the anti-trust clause in the US Constitution, then lets invoke jury nullification because this is ridiculous.


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