Florida to buy chunk of Everglades from sugar firm

Reuters has an article discussing how the State of Florida is buying a portion of the Everglades from a private sugar cane company. To summarize, the people of Florida are being held at gun point to buy land from a local, long time business that they, themselves are unwilling to buy themselves. Don’t believe me? Ask a Florida citizen to not pay taxes… who will come to their door, armed, demanding payment or jail time? The tax man. If this was such a big deal to the masses, then why did they not donate money to an Everglades Organization to buy the land from the company to preserve far better than any government run shenanigans? Why do environmentalists insist we all buy land to preserve it for their interests? It has been shown time and again that private property is a far better way to perserve land than some government bureaucrat’s pet project. The worst part is the Florida government does not have $1.75 billion to pay for the land, so they are borrowing it in the form of state bonds? So, tax payers are not only having to buy land they do not necessarily want, they must also pay the financing fees to boot! That stings!

Don’t forget that there exists a sugar import restriction in the United States. Sugar’s current price is artifically high because of import tariffs. Thats why high fructose corn syrup is used to sweeten goods like soda and candy. Now, with one of the country’s largest sugar cane producers closing shop, how will that affect the US sugar market? I bet corn growers are drooling over this…

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