Book Review – The Revolution, A Manifesto

The Revolution – A Manifesto, by Ron Paul was, bar far the best book I have read since I read Unintended Consequences. It outlines in detail the problems with our bloated, and unconstitutional, federal government. It describes how our foreign policy, monetary policy, and domestic policy are all intertwined and are easily analogous to a house of cards. In the book, Dr. Ron Paul describes the true root problems of the debacle which is our current federal government, as well as how this house of cards will either collapse, as on its current course, or how we as a people can dismantle it. The book is worth its weight in gold (pun intended) and every person, liberal or conservative, adult or child, should read the plainly obvious future of our country. Buy the book! Buy two, so you can share it with your neighbor.

The revolution has begun!

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